The Sustainers is an ongoing photographic and documentary project aiming to capture and share the stories of those pushing the boundaries by building more sustainable means of living. Those not just working with new technology, but those who are also drastically innovating on the way we think about innovation. People showing a greater sense of generosity towards the future. After all, “storytelling is the means by which we navigate the world”, and largely through their framing, determines how effectively we gather knowledge. 

Our Objective is to help inspire a movement by giving it a more human face. The story thus far has been one of megawatts and gigawatts. Whilst we believe that by showing the imagination and dedication of those pushing this new frontier, we can make the task more accessible to a greater number of people. After all, we won’t progress by singular acts of brilliance. Only by the efforts of a fully engaged and brightly lit community. In an era where we’re all generating, it’s here in the midst of everyone’s actions, where innovation is most likely to occur.

The overall task belongs to anyone who chooses to participate — To create systems and processes which are ‘Sustainable-by-Design’.

The opporunity which exists is huge — To quite simply redesign all the systems and processes which we live by. So that they work not just for us, but for the planet as well.

The Sustainers was founded in the summer of 2017 by Richard Z Hooker, and looks forward to all the people it is yet to meet and make meanigful connections with.

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