— You’ve just published your 108th story on Lissome. What have been some of your favourites so far?
“I am proud of our fashion editorials, conceptually and aesthetically, and New Shores, Girls of Today Women of Tomorrow, Tracing Perception, The Beauty of Decay, and Les Objets Trouvés are among my favourites.

It was a real inspiration to visit Arnsdorf’s micro factory in Melbourne, to talk to Ania Zoltkowski about how cultivating connection is imperative for creating a sustainable world, to learn about the art of mending and re-purposing from Ayumi Paul and Anne Schwalbe, and to explore what it means to leave behind city life with Karin Rosenkranz.”

— What happens next? Tell us about your Kickstarter campaign.
“Lissome has been stimulating my senses and expanding my mind on so many levels, and I feel that I have learned so much over the course of the last three years. I am proud of our fashion editorials, and our in-depth articles, both conceptually and aesthetically. But the exciting thing is that we are only just getting started! The team and network of Lissome is growing and at the moment, we are running a Kickstarter Campaign to crowdfund our first annual printed edition - every pre-order brings us closer to our goal of covering the printing costs.

We believe that printed magazines of high-quality, just like books, will still have an important place in a sustainable world. There is a beautiful slowness and intentionality that comes with creating something that will go into print and materialise in the world, as well as with reading something in print rather than on fleeting online pages. That said, we aspire to creating a printed edition that is both beautiful and mindfully-made, that inspires through its physical form as well as through its purposeful content, and that can be referred back to in time and passed on to future readers.”

The Sustainers — 21st Century Pioneers
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